3Axis Nema34 6.5Nm Stepper Motor Driver Kit 920oz. In 2phase CNC Router Milling

CNC Spindle Motor & Tool Parts. Stepper Motor & Driver. Servo Motor & Driver. HMI & PLC Panel. CNC Router & Tools. Note : If you need the dual shaft stepper motor , please leave us messages. 3 x MA860H Sumtor step motor drive 2ph 24110VDC AC18-80V 27.8A. 3 x 86BYG 2ph Hybrid stepper motor […]

CNC kit 3Axis 82mm 290OZ-IN Nema23 stepper motor stepping motor for cnc router

3PCS Nema 23 290OZ-IN holding torque stepper motor 290oz-in CNC router or mill. 3 PCS Nema 23 82mm length Stepper Motors with 290oz-in holding torque. Insultion Resistant——–500V DC 100M Min. Insultion Strength——–50Hz 1Minute 500V Min. Radial Play——————————-0.02mm Max. End Play—————————————0.1-0.3m 57BYGH408 ° Step Agle1.8°±5% ° 2 Phase 4 Wires ° Current 3.0A ° Voltage 3.6V […]

3axis Nema23 stepper motor 425oz-in 3.0A CNC ROUTER controller kit

Easy to custom clerance, no damage , better service, please don’t hesitate! 3 pcs stepper motor driver DM542A, peak 4.2A, 128 micsteps, replacing M542. 1 pc Power supply 350Watts (36VDC/9.7A). 1 pc Breakout board & 1 pc Parallel cable. Motor Length L(mm). Holding Torque (oz. In). DM542A is a type of two-phase hybrid stepping motor […]