3 Axis CNC Router Kit 3018 Engraver USB Port Injection Molding Material T8 Screw

CNC 3018 DIY Engraving Machine. This CNC engraving machine is an excellent affordable self-learning engraving tool that allows you to try your DIY ideas at a low price and without the risk of damaging expensive equipment. Effective Working Travel: 300(X)x180(Y)x45(Z)mm (11.8″7.1″1.8). Shape Dimension: 400x300x240mm (15.7″11.8″9.4). Materials: 2020 Aluminum Profile & Injection Molding Material. Driving Units: […]

3 Axis CNC Router Kit 3018 2500MW For Wood USB Port Injection Molding Material

PREMIUM QUALITY- Made of 2020 aluminum profiles and black injection molding material for Long-term use and high precision. The working travel of this machine is 300(X)x180(Y)x45(Z)mm. EASE OF USE- According to the instructions, the machine is easy to assemble. Simply connect to computers via USB port, and controlled by GRBL. Laser engraving can be achieved […]

300W Spindle Mini Desktop CNC Router 3D carving kit USB Port RS4040 Open-Source

300W Mini Desktop CNC Router machine RS-4040. Open-source and highly modifiable, our RS4040 mini CNC is a popular 3D carving kit. The so-called Maker Revolution changed the landscape of tooling for the home hobbyist and small business. 3D printers are one key part of the movement, but besides the alluring appeal of precision deposited plastic, […]