3018 CNC Machine Router 3Axis Engraving PCB Wood Carving DIY Milling Kit Sliver

You may also like. 3018 CNC Machine Router 3Axis Engraving PCB Wood Carving DIY Milling Kit Sliver. Voltage of the machine have AC110V and AC220V. Please give me message to tell me which voltage you need. Work on any metal and the laser cannot cut plywood. The diameters of both spindle and ER11 are correct, […]

3018 CNC Machine Router 3-Axis Engraving PVC Wood Carving DIY Milling Kit

Help to engrave, decorate, or personalize a wide variety of materials, such as plastic, wood, acrylic, pvc, pcb and more. Spindle: 775 spindle motor12-36V24V: 7000r / min, 36V: 9000r / min. Step motor:1.3A 0.25N. Musical Instrument & Tools. Clothes, Shoes & Accessories. Vehicle Parts & Accessories. Mobile Phones & Communication. Air Purifier HEPA Filter Odor […]

11m 4 Axis WorkBee CNC Router Machine Full Kit GRBL 1.5KW Air Screw Driven CNC

You may also like. 11m 4 Axis WorkBee CNC Router Machine Full Kit GRBL 1.5KW Air Screw Driven CNC. Based on C-Beam, V-Slot, Xtreme Solid V-Wheels and Tr88(P2) Lead screws it is strong, accurate and reliable. With a WorkBee CNC Kit you can manufacture functional engineering parts, toys, signs, or whatever you can imagine without […]

CNC 2417 Mini DIY Mill Router Kit USB Desktop Metal Engraver PCB Milling Machine

SPINDLE MOTOR AND INVERTER VFD. Healthy and beauty machines. Steam generator for bath SPA. Electrical & Test Equipment. Listing for Winit and 4PX. Small Value Product in U. You may also like. 3AXIS DRO MILL LATHE DIGITAL READOUT DISPLAY CONSOLE AND 3 LINEAR SCALE TRAVEL. 3 Axis 6040 DIY Desktop CNC Router Engraver Milling Machine […]

US Free Ship 3pcs Nema 23 Stepper Motor High Torque 425oz. In 4.2A CNC Router Kit

This item is stocked & dispatched from California US. Package including: 3pcs 23HS45-4204S. This is the strongest model for Nema 23 stepper motor, it with 1.8°step angle (200 steps/revolution). Each phase draws 4.2A, allowing for a holding torque of 3.0Nm(425oz. In). 3.0Nm(425oz. In). Our goal is to create the best place to provide high quality […]

100×100 CNC Laser Engraver Kit Router Carving Milling Machine&15W Laser Module

You may also like. CNC 100×100 Router Carving Engraving DIY Milling Machine With15W Laser Module. This laser engraving machine can engrave the following materials. It can cut plywood 3mm for 1 time. A 10w complete machine. A 15W Laser Module. A laser protective eyewear. A USB computer connection line. A set of Wrench. After service […]

Router Sign Making Jig Template Tool DIY Art Craft Kit Wood Working Turning Pro

Router Sign Making Pro. Now you can make professional looking horizontal signs and vertical number posts with this ready-to-use complete kit. Kit includes templates, clamps, template guide bushings and carbide-tipped router bits. The self-spacing templates ensure consistent signs every time with no measuring. If you’ve ever had need for a handmade carved wooden sign, you […]