3040 Ball Screw CNC Wood Router Engraving Machine Kit 52mm+300W ER11 DC Spindle

2 We can send by. Include below EU countries. Customer pls tell us your. Thank you for your Cooperation. 1 x 3040 CNC Router Milling Machine Mechanical Kit. 1 x 300W spindle. 1 x Speed regulator. (without stepper motor & control box & cable chain carrier), if you need pls contact me. 1 Machine Dimensions: […]

220v Spindle Motor Kit 4.5kw Er32 Collet 18000rpm&vfd Inverter Driver Cnc Router

Stepper Motor Driver Kit. 220V SPINDLE MOTOR KIT 4.5KW ER32 COLLET 18000RPM&VFD INVERTER DRIVER CNC ROUTER. 1 x 4.5KW Spindle Motor 1 x 4.5KW sunfar VFD Variable Frequency Drive. 4.5KW Spindle Motor Specifications. Square High-Speed Motorized Spindle Motor for Woodworking. Changsheng(Made in China). ER32 12.7mm default. 2x7008c P4 2x7004c P4. 4.5KW VFD Specification. 1-phase AC […]

300W Spindle Mini Desktop CNC Router 3D carving kit USB Port RS4040 Open-Source

300W Mini Desktop CNC Router machine RS-4040. Open-source and highly modifiable, our RS4040 mini CNC is a popular 3D carving kit. The so-called Maker Revolution changed the landscape of tooling for the home hobbyist and small business. 3D printers are one key part of the movement, but besides the alluring appeal of precision deposited plastic, […]